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Business relation between Univera and Intermec dates back to the year of 1992. Intermec Co. (USA) had tested many models for distributorship during this time and a new contract was made in July 2006. According to this contract, Univera Co. assigned Intermec as its business partner and global service provider having the authority for technical services and direct import Intermec is one of the two leading companies engaged in AD/DC systems’ sector across the world and invented the most frequently used barcode standards like Code 39 and Code 128. It is well-known in the sector especially due to its structure including the whole product range (printers, terminals, scanners). Intermec has made significant R&D investments on the subject of RF-ID in recent years. At the most recently, it specified major standards of Gen 2 Technology in RF-ID and it obtained many patents on this matter.


The prevalent use of the new generation smart phones and tablets in companies brought along Samsun - Univera cooperation. By means of Univera's software that enable most operations of companies to be carried out on an online basis and Samsung's smart devices, mobile business applications are now more enjoyable and easier.

Being the flagship of Samsung Group, which has been operating for more than 70 in many different areas from semi conductors to the pharmaceutical industry from hotel management to financial services, Samsung Electronics is the world's leading company in high-tech electronic device production and digital media.


Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ: ZBRA) provides the widest range of innovative technology solutions for the determination, follow-up and management of key assets necessary for advanced business efficiency. The main technologies provided by Zebra include publication solutions and advanced software and hardware solutions.

Providing solutions to any sector that requires provision, display, reliability and accuracy, Zebra aids its customers towards the right asset determination at the right place and right time.