Human Resources

Univera believes that the source of success is human. Therefore Univera is one of the IT companies that has the lowest employee circulation. Most of the Managers in our Sales and Technical Departments had been continuing their career progressions with us, since their early years in our company as student-interns.

Finding out our employees' and our organization's existing and potential needs in the best way and to constitute our strategy and solutions are the source of our Human Resources policy.

All units in our company work with the principles of "absolute customer satisfaction", "fast feedback" and "constant availability". During the employment process, we aim to add individuals into the departments of Univera family who have the necessary proficiencies that are required for their prospective positions. The applicants who have the dynamism and excitement, which are the essentials of our profession, always have the top priority.

Univera has a succesful team of 140, that works with team spirit and in harmony.

Univera’s approach of "Valuing Human" was rewarded with "Human Respect Award" by, in 2010 and 2011.