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Easily Deploy Customised SCM Solutions with ExtendedAPI

You can now develop your own applications inhouse to extend your existing Panorama environment with ExtendedAPI.

Univera - HaberExtendedAPI is one of the new features of newly released version of Panorama 7.0. ExtendedAPI is an application development interface that enables companies to develop and implement their own solutions on the Panorama Platform. These enhacements can be deployed either by your internal application development teams or outsourced solution partners.  

With ExtendedAPI, it's much easier to adpot to the changes in your current business processes and meet new user requirements on live environments. 




ExtendedAPI Benefits:

  • All Panorama Platform functions are accessibe within ExtendedAPI

  • Comes with visual interface standards for user friendly applications 

  • Plug-ins can directly be used within Panorama Platform

  • Panorama user authorisation can be used directly

  • Different programming languages can be used

  • Assistive documentation support

  • Support platform for application development phase.

Univera - Haber