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Alarko Leroy entrusted its salmons to Stokbarplus.

Alarko Leroy ensures traceability of fishes consumed in Turkey through Stokbar Plus. Demands for foodstuff are increasing day by day due to the rapid increases in population and new foodstuff is required to be introduced to the market.

As a result of this development, Alarko considering the fact that Turkish fishery products’ sector stayed very behind the international scales decided to establish a company to make manufacturing and to supply services in the fishery products’ sector.

Then, ALFARM was founded in 1991 for producing, processing and marketing salmons in Black Sea. It achieved its targets in 1997 and decided to enlarge its share in the market with its wide range superior quality products. Accordingly, it built a factory to make manufacturing according to the highest hygienic standards in Suadiye district of Izmit.

Today, Alarko –Leroy’s processing capacity is annually 3,000 tons and it continues to act by adding new works to its efforts at international standards. Thus, its works with Univera is continuing in two different projects.

Stokbar Plus and EnRoute Plus software was implemented cooperatively. In the projects, Intermec CK61, CN2 handheld terminals and Intermec PF4i and PD41 printers were used. Import, exit to manufacturing, product entrance, shipment and return processes were started to be tracked through barcodes.

Thanks to the labelling methodology designed in cooperation with Alarko Leroy, all products can be tracked retroactively along supply, production, shipment and distribution processes based on lots. At the end of the project, an effective inventory management, decrease in loss and contributions at customer service levels were ensured.

Alarko –Leroy, which is a partner of Hallvard Leroy, the world’s largest salmon manufacturer, began to manage traceability and distribution network of salmons, which are consumed in Turkey, with Univera’s warehouse management and tracing project, StokbarPlus, and EnRoute Plus, which is the software product in mobile sales & distribution.