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Berk Construction Company had the distinction in the sector with the cooperation of Univera

Berk Construction Company, which provides electric and mechanical maintenance services for ATM and branches of the biggest banks in Turkey, began to use QuestPanorma, which is Univera’s online data collection solution from the field, in collecting the forms of routine maintenance and defect services conducted with the help of handheld terminals of its technical staff and/or technical staff of its business partners on the electronic media and reporting them.

Berk Construction Company, which provides services for banking sector since 2002, succeeded to become one of the companies, which are most preferable in the sector, in a short time with its expert technical staff and its solution partners existing in many regions of Turkey. Berk Construction Company, which is aware of details and priorities of banking media and interior architecture, put service quality and customer satisfaction first in the services provided by it for 7 days 24 hours.

Berk Construction Company, which conducts revisions and periodic maintenance services of hundreds of ATM establishments and bank branches with turnkey projects, began to use Univera’s Ouest Panorama program to complete its projects in shorter time and to become able to report them by collecting data from the field on the soft media and by carrying them to the electronic media.

The project was started in June 2010 with a team consisting of 10-people and realized in a very short time. Then, efficient feedbacks were begun to be received with the help of Univera’s Quest Panorama application producing solutions in a wide range in data collection from the field. Berk Construction Company, whose essential principle is customer satisfaction by acting more quickly avoiding waste of time, began to complete instant actions with the help of the applied project. Customer dissatisfactions were eliminated with instant interventions to the team in the field. Also, delays in progress payments were eliminated.

The project was realized in a very short time like one month. The aim is to make the program to be used by more employees in the field. Now, routine maintenance forms are reported in the head office instantly. Thus, term for progress calculations was minimized. Photos of the detected defects are taken via the system and time required for intervention and solution is minimized.

Ms. Duygu Bilen, who was Univera’s Project Manager, observed the practices from the sales of the project until realization of it closely and said about the matter that:
“The example of Berk Construction Company is the evidence that our QuestPanorama software can work in different sectors and practices successfully and makes possible to produce reports in detail. We see that mobile applications have started new era especially in construction and energy sector.

Accordingly, the system installed in Berk Construction Company made possible to record the operations in the field, to observe the work flow and to make instant interventions as we have always mentioned and offered with our solution.
Furthermore, the application was not purchased. It was leased and all services are provided through Univera’s website of We preferred this option. Acting based on instant data and figures has become vital for construction companies under today’s hard competition conditions requiring precious cost estimations. As a result, Berk Construction Company combined its investments on construction with technology with the investment that it made for the field and achieved a more advantageous position. Moreover, a respected customer was added to our references in construction sector. We hope this application will be an example for all other construction companies and “think broadly and start with Quest Panorama” as said by Quest.