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Cosmetic Leader's Canan Carry On The Path With Stokbar Panorama

Having been serving in cosmetics sector since 1981, Canan Cosmetics included expanding its production volume in the path set forth together with StokBar in warehose management and accelerated studies thanks to StokBar Panorama; Univera’s Warehouse and Production Management Solution.

Founded in 1981 with hundred percent domestic capital in order to produce hair care products; Canan Cosmetics presented its first products to the shampoo market with the brand called “İpek”. Expanding its product range in parallel with the passing years, Canan Cosmetics had a wide product range from hair cosmetics products to hand, body cream; from wet towel to acetone.

The company moved to the new production facility which has 20.000 m2 closed area in Büyükçekmece – Kıraç towards the end of 2004 and increased their production capacity to 40.000 tons per year. Due to their expanding production capacity; Canan Cosmetics first of all required a “warehouse management system” and then “production management system”.

Having been using StokBar for warehouse management since 2006, Canan Cosmetics decided expanding the system in 2011 and initiated StokBar Panorama project.

Before the project, false material might enter into the production since the production could not be monitored well, current stock could be listed a day later since production records were made manually; so there were problems about planing. Moreover since there was no scale integration in pre-weighing tolerance values were made on paper and this caused loss of time. Together with the project, it became possible to see which materials were used for the products and monitor lots and expire dates of these materials; therefore all the production stages (pre-weighing, mixture and filling stages) could be monitorable. In addition, problems about planning were solved when erp processes such as manual records of end of production were made automatic.

Mehmet Gedek, Information Technologies Supervisor of Canan Cosmetics told these about the project:

There were two main reasons for choosing Univera for the project. First of all we have been using StokBar since 2006. Secondly, apart from many other properties, StokBar Panorama can keep pallet numbers, lot and status information within the system. Due to these properties and many additional others; product debugging has been reduced to minimum today. Material consumption was done according to the prescription and secure production was enabled in this way. Being able to see the stock and making order/supply plan according to this made things easier for planning. Thanks to scale integration, pre-weighing duration was reduced by half. Since the orders prepared in StokBar could be reserved, stocking in production decreased and was disciplined. Production requirement was demanded considering active orders, in this way warehouse/production communication was brought up to the mark.”

Moreover mentioning the advantage of getting support service in the process after project; Mehmet Gedek expressed their appreciation for the project and Univera staff saying “Although being busy, Univera staff lean towards the project and they included Stokbar into the production for the first time. Both we and they have learned so much. Complex structure and human resource of the production made us comprehend the importance of communication and analyses. Univera staff could really get through a great burden. I would like to thank them.”