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Dardanel, which is one the leading companies in frozen foods, starts to work with Univera in distribution automation.

Dardanel makes its frozen food and sandwich distribution through EnRoute.

DARDANEL, which is among the top five names in brand awareness list in Turkish foodstuff sector, chose EnRoute product line as dealer automation system in sales and distribution of frozen foods and sandwiches.

EnRoute system, which has been used by many big references of Univera in foodstuff sector and provides operational efficiency for them, has proved itself by providing benefits and efficient sales management for the foodstuff giant also.

Works began in November 2005 and it was planned to include 6 dealers and 30 sales representatives, who were active in distribution of the products, into the system under the scope of the project. Hands were shaken and works began in November. Then, Univera and Dardanel progressed rapidly in the project with the synergy brought by cooperation. Reliance and understanding exchanged between these two big companies bore fruits in April 2006 and as a result, the system was installed in all dealers.

According to the project, EnRoute Plus was installed in Dardanel’s dealers and EnRoute Mobile was installed in handheld terminals. The installed EnRoute Plus was integrated into the existing commercial systems of the dealers. EnRoute Central was installed in the head office of the company to control the whole of the system in the head office and consolidation and reporting were ensured.

According to the project, HP IPAQ 2490 handheld terminals and Akrobat 80 Column Bluetooth printers were used. EnRoute software supplied by Univera satisfied all demand analyses of Dardanel and effective reporting was ensured.

The project brought differences into Dardanel’s sales, stock and supply chain management. Dardanel appreciates that, all the details obtained in this work returns to it as efficiency.

Dardanel, which started mobile sales & distribution system in the dealers and the head office, standardized the dealers to build its sales network via the installed system. Thus, accuracy in stock and sales transactions has caused more and more operational profitability for the company on each day. Due to such improvements in the dealers, the sales representatives, who are the most important part of the sales network, have started to use accurate information via their handheld terminals in the field and their works have become more efficient. The sales representatives can see previous data about sales and availability in the sales points at where they go and they provide seamless services for the customers on products and quantities, which should be available. One of the most important points of EnRoute product line, efficiency in sales and stock management, has proved itself in Dardanel Project also. Data on sales and availability are analyzed in the head office and the dealers. Thus, manufacturing and distribution are planned according to these analyses. As a result, stock costs are reduced and fewer sandwiches are returned to the company because of the “best before” date and many troubles to be experienced in this process are eliminated.

Starting the system has ensured that, the assets, which are a significant detail in frozen food sector, are used with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Refrigerators can be checked whether they are in operation or not. Which machinery is delivered where can be tracked. Transfers between sales points can be monitored effectively. Also, the head office can be informed about even failures of refrigerators via handheld terminals. Thus, the system developed financial profitability in the sales and distribution management.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the communication between the dealers and chain stores has been strengthened. Consignments delivered to chain stores by the dealers are sent to the Dardanel’s head office and invoices are issued for head offices of chain stores via Dardanel’s Oracle system.

Thus, faxing consignments to the head office and manual entries were eliminated and the system prevents errors, which might be caused by people.