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Ezcacıbaşı Enterprise Marketing Company supports with Solution of Univera.

Eczacıbaşı Enterprise Marketing Company put its mobile sales and distribution project in practice in cooperation with Univera to strengthen its leading position in sales-distribution market in which hard competition conditions are experienced.

Eczacıbaşı Girişim Marketing Company, which acts under the control of Eczacıbaşı Group’s Consumer Goods’ Group, sells and distributes 1500 different products in 34 brands. It is considered one of the strongest sales organizations in Turkey due to its existing organizations and the channels covered by it.

Thanks to the system, an order from a customer can be fulfilled within 24 hours and the customer can receive the product in 3 days wherever he is within Turkey. Moreover, the system allows tracking the products’ shelf statuses, prices, competition and sales point activities with the help of retailing supporting elements by using handheld terminals via GPRS system on electronic media.

Eczacıbaşı Girişim Marketing Company started to search and develop dealer automation systems in 2003 to accelerate its business in the field and to track products’ distribution and stock transactions in a controlled way.

Eczacıbaşı Girişim Marketing Company determined its demands to control its operations in the field for increasing its efficiency in a reliable and fast way by saving time. Thus, it started to use Univera’s EnRoute Mobile, EnRoute Plus and Enroute Central software along with HP IPAQ mobile computers in its sales-distribution practices to increase dealer and customer satisfaction.

Before the project was completed, the sales team, which did not use handheld terminals and tried to track and manage the whole field manually, managed the system via order forms filled manually and this caused delays in shipments.

Eczacıbaşı Girişim Marketing Company aimed to standardize and automate the system and decided to continue its efforts. Then, its demands were analyzed by the teams established in both of the parties. It made contact with Univera and its solution partners, Turkcell and HP, to track sales, distribution and stock of its products properly.

Eczacıbaşı Girişim Marketing Company was aware of the process, which must be followed quickly, and saw that each lost order affected the sales team’s performance.

As a result, it ensured that the orders are sent to the head office during a day and at the end of the day via instant data transfer system with the help of Turkcell’s GPRS infrastructure. Now, sales representatives enter the orders and money collections that they have taken along their routes into EnRoute Mobile software by using HP mobile computers and transfer quickly them to EnRoute Plus database with the help of HP rw6815’s EDGE feature via GPRS. Then, these data are transferred to EnRoute Central software existing in the head office.

After the project was completed, the field activities have become traceable more accurately while the efficiency of the system increased. Sales team’s shipment times have been shortened and its performance was improved.

Mr. Erkin Öztürk, who is the director of Information Technologies Department in Eczacıbaşı Consumer Goods Group, said that standardization was started after the project was started to be used in the head office and in the dealers. He told how they had decided to work with Univera: “We, as Eczacıbaşı Girişim Marketing Company, began to search dealer automation systems in 2003. We had had a system also before the field automation project that we executed with Univera. However, we sought a new system especially due to inconsistency in the data to be made base for reporting.

Number of the exclusive dealers in Eczacıbaşı Girişim Marketing Company is very few. Thus, we saw that the systems used in Girişim’s dealers were not specific to Girişim. In our previous solution, we had directly connected to the commercial system and had accessed some data.

We had reported these data centrally via web. However, we must ensure integrity of the data like product and customer major data and we must keep them under control to consolidate data collected from 36 dealers for reporting in such system.

We had understood that ensuring data integrity becomes impossible when you shift this control on the field. Inconsistency had been seen in our reports due to short or false data. Then, seeking a new tracking system had become unavoidable. We decided to work with Univera, which is one of the leading companies in software sector having references for 15 years, and its solution partners to shorten shipment times and to track the activities in the field accurately, uninterruptedly and instantly.

Companies must gain superiority in competition to survive. Then, speed becomes significant at this point. If you receive order data instantly from the field and fulfil them in the possible shortest time, your availability is assured and your sales increase. Thanks to EnRoute software installed in our all dealers, we access daily data in our head office and report them for making strategic decisions. Then, we put these decisions in practice quickly”.