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Kimberly Clark Storages are entrusted to Univera

World’s giant company which does manufacture in 38 countries including Turkey and selling in 150 countries decided to work with Univera in storage and stock management. Kimberly Clark which is one of the greatest 500 companies in the world started managing their storages containing thousands of products, Stokbar Panorama – Stock and Manufacture Management Solution of Univera – with Intermec CN2B hand terminals.

In the market they compete, Kimberly Clark is the creator of 5 brands of all the 8 consumer product categories from home care and cleaning products to patient and adult diapers; from sanitary napkins to diapers (Huggies, Kotex, Vitality, Pedo, Viva Towels, Scott Products,Poise, Depend, Cottonelle etc…) and initiated relations with Univera in 29 December 2008 in order to increase their dominion over the products and manage and measure all the system in online database.
The team which explains the system before project and problems of that system decided to carry on with Stokbar Panorama in order to depart from manual tracking of all storage activities and convert time loss into efficiency and speed.
Manual data collection, not being able to make use of barcode system, disputing about the accuracy of data collected, data being subject to error while transfering to computer environment, time loss due to operations were put forward as problems to be solved with the cooperation of Kimberly – Clark and Univera.
The current system was defined, detailed and expectations were determined in the scope of project. Suitable hardware and software were researched and offers were evaluated. Suitable hardware and software were chosen and finally it was decided to use storage management solutions and applications of Univera.
Thanks to the system, correct, high-speed and online data can be accessed transiently, all the transactions within storage can be carried out completely, fast and faultlessly. Data Exchange can be carried out transiently due to online integrations which is installed with commercial package LOGO Tiger 2.
Managers who have attained high-speed storage management expressed that competition advantages acquired through this project reflect firm and team as acquisitons since the acceptance of rawmaterial, controlled rawmaterial transfer, finished product stock follow-up, maintenance depot follow-up, delivery process are carried out in a monitorable, reliable, controllable environment.
Kimberly-Clark which is one of the customers of Stokbar Panorama is glad to hand over the products which are used by billions of people every year to Stock and Manufacture Management Solution of Univera.