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L’oreal Manages Its Mobile Sales And Distribution System Through EnRoute Panorama

Embodying the worlds' leading beauty brands, L'Oreal manages its filed sales, distribution and dealer operations in sales organization through EnRoute Panorama that implements the mobile sales network of numerous companies.

Having been founded in 1909, L'Oreal adds new brands to its body every year, and today offers its scale of brands on a vast range of diversity.   It currently has a total of 27 brands, including Garnier, Lancome, Vichy and The Body Shop.

The Way of Commanding the Field goes through EnRoute Panorama

Today, enabling the sales and distribution systems of many leading brands both in Turkey and all around the world to be managed remotely, EnRoute Panorama serves companies in various industries in sales and distribution management, through its constantly renewed technology and modular structure.

Being one of the world leaders of the cosmetics and beauty industry, L'Oreal, which operates in Turkey ever since for many years, is among the companies that controls their dealer channels and field sales data through EnRoute Panorama.

Having a wide sales network also in Turkey, just as it has in the other 130 countries it operates in, L'Oreal was in need of a solution for following and monitoring the sales made through dealers and its direct sales activities. Seeking for a solution for this need, L'Oreal's path crossed with Univera's in 2012. Following the necessary negotiations and analysis, the Episto Project was realized.

The project was designed in 5 phases. First of these was the Establishment of the Distributor Automation System. The initial phase was followed by the phases of Performance of Android Installations, SAP Integration, Funds Management and Database Consolidation. 

L'Oreal's Sales and Distribution Channels are Controlled through EnRoute Panorama

With the project, Sales Management, Distribution Management, Budget Management, Catalogue Management, Online Field Data Collection and Online Reporting were aimed at.

The advantages to be attained at the end of the project, on the other hand, were set as:

• Viewing the actual sales and inventories,

• More effective expenditures (making the business more efficient and measurable based on inventory turnover),

• Standardization of the working principles of all distributors,

• Bringing discount rates under control,

• Live follow-up of data,

• Reports reaching all users through automatic mailing system,

• Visibility of the orders taken from the field, both for the distributor and the central office ,

• Providing clients with a higher quality service through route optimization,

• Immediate transmittance of inventory and discount definitions to the field,

• Determination of failed sales and taking the necessary actions.

Explaining their experiences with EnRoute Panorama, in the 12th Mobile Technologies Day, L'Oreal Sales Operation Manager Cihan Karakas expressed their satisfaction from the project by saying "As L'Oreal, our vision is to utilize mobile information and technology in order to  provide flexible, productive, fast and reliable solutions to our company that adopts Active sales systems.  This is why we wanted to select the company that would offer the most rational and innovative solutions for our needs, and to advance with them. In the end, we have decided to work with EnRoute Panorama and Univera due to their extensive experience in the sector and their strong references."