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NESTLE Project was selected as "The Best Practice Working Worldwide".

“Nestlé Sales and Distribution Perfection Project" was completed with installations and trainings performed in Nestle head office and 64 Nestle Distributors. By the way, good news has come from Nestle. The application practiced in Turkey was selected as "The Best Practice Working Worldwide" among Nestle sales organizations in the world. This is a great honour for Univera

Univera, which has completed many sales and distribution projects across Turkey since 1992, also completed “Nestlé Sales and Distribution Perfection Project", which lasted for 2 years, in cooperation with Nestlé, which is a worldwide giant in food sector.

According to the project, EnRoute Central was installed in the head office of Nestle and EnRoute Plus software was installed in 64 Nestle distributors existing in Nestle distribution network in Turkey and the required trainings were completed.

423 HP Ipaq 2210 El handheld terminals and 239 Ipaq Akrobat vehicle printers were used in the project. More than 400 sales representatives and operators were trained by Nestle and Univera project teams. The functions, which can manage “sales’ 10 steps”, were added to Univera’s EnRoute Mobile software.

They working on HP Ipaq 2210 handheld terminals within the scope of Nestle’s Sales Automation Project.

Ipaq 2210 handheld terminals used in the project were equipped with special covers and neck-belts for raising safety. Sales rules, product prices, campaigns, questionnaires and availability data to be practiced in all Nestlé distributors are defined in EnRoute Central installed in Nestlé head office and they are sent to all distributors by e-mailing automatically.

EnRoute Plus program installed in the distributors imports these mails with no need entering these data again. All sales conditions sent by the head office are received by EnRoute Mobile program being used by sales representatives.

Sales activities and stock data occurred in Nestlé distributors during a day across Turkey are sent to Nestlé’s head office by e-mailing beside commercial packages used by distributors at the end of the day.

These data collected in the head office can be reported via EnRoute Central as well as on Microsoft Excel by using OLAP cubes. The project was completed by cooperative works of Nestle Turkey and Univera.

In fact, it is the last step of a 3-phase (commercial classification, rearranging distributors’ routes and sales automation system) organization designed by Nestle Sales Group.

The project was introduced to all Nestle markets at abroad after it had been completed and awarded with the title of "The Best Practice Working Worldwide". Then, it was considered as a model for all Nestle organizations due to its technology, application, functionality and efficiency.

Mr. Ramazan Sümer, who is Sales Development Manager of Nestle, said about the project that: "Sales Automation System” is the 3rd phase of the project called by us as “Nestle Field Management“. These are seen below:

  • Commercial Classification: Determination and classification of sales points existing in the market,
  • Routing: Rearranging distributors’ routes and shifting to field route,
  • Sales Automation: Duplex data flow between Nestle and its distributors.

Sales Automation System allows duplex data flow between Nestle and its distributors. We can see all customer transactions existing in distributors’ memories actually through the system. We can centrally define new product data, price and promotion mechanics to our distributors.

Furthermore, we can access our distributors’ sales details, return and money collection data based on sales point, product, supplementary product group and sales representatives on electronic media.

These data significantly help us in developing distributor sales, planning and generating strategies ".