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Nivea also prefers Panorama

Univera has been serving many companies on mobile sales distribution for 22 years, gained one more project. As one of the leading companies in skin care, Nivea has been managing its distributor and sales network via EnRoute Panorama and the field activities via Quest Panorama.

Nivea has been serving in many countries around the world for 130 years on skin care, having a wide distribution network in Turkey as well. Nivea is one of the first companies recalled when skin care is concerned, reaching many consumers with a wide range of products like baby care, facial care, hair styling, men care, deodorant and moisturizers.



Nivea has been growing each day in Turkish market, reaching a larger mass, through enhancing its distribution network and field teams. As Nivea needed an automation for distributors and field teams in the new period, it preferred EnRoute Panorama and Quest Panorama due to its experience in the sector, quality of the support service, strong references and most important, being the system used in the former partnership structure. Nivea targets to manage the distribution sales network, correct and fast data transfer in the processes, and on line access to distributor sales information through EnRoute Panorama, which is the mobile sales distribution solution of Univera. The project installation has been completed in a short time. The installation of the project started in October 2013,ending in December 2013. The project has been completed in a total of 30 distributors in a short time like two months, and has been active as of 2014.

Besides the sales distribution system, Nivea also started Quest Panorama for the management of field activities and teams, targeting for on line information collection from the merch teams on the field, sorting and reporting of the information. The project includes 70 merch members, and Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with Android operating system have been used.



Nivea Project Manager Mr. Cenk Çelik summarized the benefits gained through the project saying, "It was a system we used and liked in our former structure. Distributor sales management is one of the most important topics for companies like us, having a wide sales distribution network. To manage this structure successfully, retrieving correct and full information from the distributor accompanies the success of the sales. As we knew that this could be gained by EnRoute Panorama, our decision making did not take very long. We have experienced the advantage of working with a company that knows us well, during the installation period that took a very short time like two months. Currently we are processing without any problems. Furthermore, the processes are running faster due to the support services we receive. Especially with the Tele support Service we have established on the distributor end, we can find fast solutions to the problems occurring in the moment".

Field Sales Manager of Nivea Ms. Sevil Pınar summarized the return of Quest Panorama Project as," The field activities in fast consumer sector and information received on these activities enables correct analysis of the field, consumers, and competitors, and making right decisions. especially the Quest Panorama program we use enables us to transfer online information from the field and act fast, since it is a web based program. We can receive all the information we need from the field with Quest panorama via our merch team. based on these information, we can position in relation to the competitor, and determine new strategies for consumer behavior we learn by conducting public survey. This is a major advantage for us".