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Tesco Kipa has been included in Univera’s references.

Mobile technology solutions supplied by Univera for the leading retailers like Tansaş, Pehlivanoğlu, Çarşı, 3M etc have proved Univera’s distinguishable position in the market and it included Tesco Kipa, which is one of the largest leading retailers in Turkey, in its references in its 16th year.

INTERMEC is the supplier of warehouse automation and in-store barcode scanning systems as well as RFID systems for the biggest retailers in the world like Wall- Mart, Metro, Marks & Spencer and 3M. INTERMEC is now proud of being supplier of hardware products for Tesco Kipa Turkey after Tesco stores, whose head office exists in England.

Kipa was founded on 17th of August, 1992 in Izmir by 100 entrepreneurs. It acted successfully as a local make until 11th of November, 2003 on which it signed a partnership contract with Tesco, which is one of the leading retailers in the world. It preferred the products of Intermec, which is one of the biggest companies in automatic data definition and collection.

Today, INTERMEC 751 handheld terminals are used in completing direct sales and warehouse shipment-goods’ delivery-in procedures, which are one of the most important subjects in retailer sector, accurately and rapidly in the stores existing in Bursa, Keşan and Marmaris.

Worldwide sales of INTERMEC 751 have achieved 800,000 and it attracts attention as a successful representative of 700 series. This product line includes industrial features like IP64 and resistance to drop from 1.8 m. Furthermore, it can scan 60-fold faster and has a capacity of barcode reading approximately 8-fold faster with MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems)-base laser barcode scanner compared with its rivals.