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The Leader Of Turkish Pharmaceutical Sector Abdiibrahim Is Also One Of The Companies That Preferred Univera

Abdi Ibrahim, which is the leader of Turkish pharmaceutical sector serving medicine and human for a century, started applying Quest Panorama, which is the mobile business management solution of Univera, in 7 different cities, with a group of 20 people and in 1800 pharmacies.

Abdi Ibrahim, the leader of Turkish pharmaceutical sector, found the required control and traceability in pharmacy management with the Quest software of Univera. Together with Quest, Abdi Ibrahim managed to establish strong and healthy relations with customer thanks to easy order, traceable stocks and campaigns compliant to products and CRM depending on the data obtained from these. Abdi Ibrahim which started with a small pharmacy in 1912, is the leader pharmaceutical company of Turkey. The company which celebrates the 100. Anniversary with 150 brands and more than 250 products, produces value added products in high tech production center and first accredited R&D center. Abdi Ibrahim which invests more and more every day for development reflects the developments in mobile world to the field in order to combine speed and efficiency with sales and IT world.

Abdi Ibrahim which advances with a global company vision, preferred Quest Panorama which is the mobile business management software of Univera (due to its experience and expertise in the sector) in order to fulfill the project requirements in order management, stock follow up, campaign management and CRM subjects. Especially in order to control the business courses in the pharmacy channel and work more efficiently in that channel, Abdi Ibrahim had the opportunity to monitor and control the orders of the sales representatives visiting the pharmacies by Quest Panorama. In the second stage; control of the product stocks, campaign determination for each region and product in light of the information obtained from these stages and also CRM was performed by mobile device quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the project (which is still developed) in which pharmacy management is conducted in 7 pilot regions with a group of 20 people and 1800 pharmacies real time pharmacy management and relation management with pharmacies is increased. Therefore business volume is increased and with the difference brought in competition the privilege of being one step forward is lived.

Abdi Ibrahim IT systems manager Hilmi Kocak, summarized the benefits of the project for Univera as follows: “Applied systems and competition in pharmacy sector increases day by day. In this competition environment, apart from the high quality products that are served to the market, evaluating the information on time, establishing strong customer relations and responding customer requests rapidly allows a one step forward location compared with other companies. And we are developing this course by Univera.”
Abdi İbrahim application innovation expert Özgül Tahmaz explained why they chose Univera as follows: “Univera which gained our trust with its experience in the sector, became our first choice with the ready solutions they provide for our requirements, experienced crew and especially with its competence in support services which are very important for us.
Tahmaz emphasized the importance of the project which is the first to run integrated with Android operating system, continued as follows: “We work with tablets, we take advantage of the user friendly touch screens. Quest Mobile business management can create awareness for us in many points in the field. For example, thanks to the on-wall advertising feature in pharmacies, we can conduct a portion of our display window advertisements with tablets.”