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Turkey’s biggest tire manufacturer is together with Univera

Petlas accelerated its business by using StokBar Plus warehouse automation project.

Petlas is the only company, which can manufacture tires for military aircrafts in Turkey. It put Univera’s warehouse management system into use to track all the processes electronically including from the final manufacturing step of tires until the shipment.

The project began in 30th of June 2006 and the first steps were taken in August and September. After the analyzing meeting and software development processes, installation, test and training processes were completed in October and November. Finally, in December 2006, the system was put into use in PETLAS’s Factory in Kırşehir City.

Petlas aimed seamless stock tracking in the project and it succeeded to eliminate troubles experienced in FIFO management before the system was put into use. Moreover, troubles in warehouse management like under or over shipments as well as addressing were eliminated. As a result, the project ended troubles after it was put into use.

Each product, which is completely manufactured, is equipped with a barcode. Serial number logic is used in this procedure and each tire can be identified in this way. Each pallet has a successive barcode number in this system. In this area, each tire’s location (pallet) can be tracked as online. The manufactured tires are stacked on pallets after all controls and the pallets are moved by forklifts to the stock areas, which are specified previously, within the product warehouse. Thus, each tire can be tracked instantly according to the pallet on which it exists.

SYMBOL Brand handheld terminals and TOSHIBA TEC B-SA4 printers were used in this project. Many transactions, which otherwise might result in wasting time and working; can be completed by reading only a single barcode. This affects Petlas employees’ performance positively.

The system can track returned tires also. Thus, the details about manufacturing process of that tire (machinery, shift and worker involved in its manufacturing) can be reported at any time.

Mr. İzzet Yıldırım, who is one of the Information Process managers of Petlas Co., cooperated with us until the very last moment of the from its beginning and said that: ‘’As a result of our studies and analyses, we decided that we need a barcode solution and this solution must cover all retroactive processes. We chose our product warehouse for beginning and we preferred Univera for working. Univera’s existing references and their positive views about Univera played an important role in our preferring Univera.

Moreover, installation of Stokbar Plus program took a short time and its use is easy. It also produces optimum solutions satisfying our company’s all demands. This is another factor for preferring Univera. The system allows us tracking our inventory. Relevant reports can be issued in shipments and they can be checked. As a result, possible troubles can be eliminated in advance.

The factor making a company distinguish from others under today’s hard competition conditions is to be aware of demands of domestic and foreign markets, to determine customers’ expectations and supply high-quality products satisfying demands completely on time.

Then, we, as a company being aware of this matter, began to use information technologies, which increase efficiency in business processes and ensure superiority in competition, and to work with Univera, which is a leading company in the sector’’