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Vodafone Chose Univera for Distribution Channel Management

Being the leaders of their respective fields with the solutions they offer, Univera as the leader of software and Vodafone as one of the biggest telecom operators came together on informatics and technology. With the established cooperation, Vodafone carries its sales - distribution channel in Turkey over the top, by means of Univera's "EnRoute Panorama" solution of Univera...

350 CN50 Handheld Terminals of Intermec Company, one of the significant brands of industrial durable handheld computers, were used within the scope of the project. With the privilege of 3G, Vodafone is now able to instantly monitor and report sales & distribution and inventory activities in the distribution centers throughout Turkey. Officials from Vodafone Turkey explain the objects of the project titled as "Vodafone Distribution Center", which was initiated in the start of 2010, as to establish a central web-based software between Vodafone Headquarter, Distribution Centers, Mobile Phone Centers, Silvers and Sub-distributors, to establish field sales automation through handheld computers and mobile invoice printers, and to enable the central monitoring of all sales and distribution activities.

Vodafone's Reasons For Chosing Intermec
While the operation in the field was being followed manually until the year 2010, with this project automation was established. During the process of selecting hardware, the capability of Univera's EnRoute Panorama to work in integration with Intermec's CN50, and the advantage that both these could be provided from a single provider constituted one of the important factors in making the selection. The facts that CN50 exhibited a good performance in all test processes and that the total cost of ownership (TCO) is quite low within the perspective of 5 years increased Vodafone's trust to the brand INTERMEC.
Furthermore, EMDI as one of CN50's features constituted one of the most important criteria in scanning the questionnaire forms to be implemented in the future and transferring them into the server.

The fact that CN50 is used both in the field and in VDM warehouses provided additional flexibility for Vodafone. Having both barcode reader and camera embedded into the same device was once again one of the most important reasons of selecting CN50. In addition to all these, the capability of the barcode reader to read each and every sim card in the field exhibited the difference in performance.

Association Between Univera And Intermec
Mr. Cuneyt Ersin, General Manager of Univera A.S., explains their work as to provide today's modern and proactive commercial companies willing to keep up with the day's global competitive environment with mobile handheld terminals and other Auto-ID technologies, and in this way to assist them in attaining maximum efficiency in distribution, logistics, supply management and to achieve a competitive infrastructure by establishing web-based central information management systems. Mr. Ersin states that they carried out the "Vodafone Distribution Center" project with Vodafone, one of the biggest telecom operators of the world within this context, and that they achieved a significant success in this project.

It is stated that by means of the "Vodafone Distribution Center" project it is aimed to centrally manage field sales, inventory, sales campaign and promotion activities of the Ceplira card and other sim cars in Turkey, and to access greater number of points and increase penetration and sales with handheld computers. It is also noted that, improvement of overall efficiency is targeted by means of establishing immediate integrations between activation in the head office and other systems, and it is aimed to facilitate making the right decisions by means of flexible reporting and achieve fast activations at the field...

Reasons Behind Chosing Univera And Intermec...
The reasons for selecting Univera as project partner are listed one by one as follows:
* Univera's significant sectoral experience,
* Its strong and extensive software team that closely follows the technology,
* The easily adaptable and ready to use web-based solution developed by Univera, utilizing the latest technologies,
* Experiences of the project management team,
* The fact that all support activities (software support - call center - technical service) are provided from a single center,
* Besides the software and services provided, the fact that Univera is the authorized technical service of a strong hardware producer such as Intermec,
* Vodafone's wish to have a single counterparty.

Vodafone's Gains From The Project
By means of this project, Vodafone transferred all sales/distribution activities of its distribution channels and sales points into a 100% electronic environment with the handheld terminals and thus attained the capability of conducting instant monitoring...

The project was implemented in two phases. In March 2010 the initial phase where all pilot applications were reviewed and approved by Vodafone was completed. In May 2010 phase 2 was completed by carrying out installations and trainings in all Vodafone Distribution Centers (VDC) in Turkey. Following the phase 2 transition of the system, new releases were published and implemented particularly in line with the additional requests and needs of the sales representatives at the field.

About 40 Vodafone Distribution Centers (VDM), approximately 350 Sales Representative and more than 20.000 sales points are included within the scope of the project. The new Web solution Univera developed on the Microsoft's SQL 2008 Enterprise Edition infrastructure, EnRoute Panorama is utilized in the project. EnRoute Panorama MSD (Mobile Sales & Distribution) Module, as the "Mobile Sales and Distribution System" solution of the Panorama family, meets all back-office needs of a distribution company (Distributor, Dealer, Region Warehouse, etc)... All invoicing, order, shipment, supply, current, inventory management and financing tasks are solved on MSD.
Also "Quest Panorama", the "Commercial Marketing" solution of the Panorama family is used within the project. EnRoute and Quest Panorama products can run either separately or together on a single platform. In Vodafone's project these two products run together on a single platform and sales representatives on the field can carry out commercial marketing activities as well as sales activities.

Technological Advantages Of Univera's Enroute Panorama Software
Having been completely prepared on Net Web 2.0 infrastructure, Panorama offers significant technological advantages.
The most important of these is the fact that, as a type of Web application designed to serve thousands of users simultaneously, it has very fast response times...
While the response time of other products with similar functions is over 3 - 4 seconds when 1000 users are connected to the same screen at the same time, response time of Panorama can be less than 0,8 seconds under the same conditions.
This means that Panorama runs 4 or 5 times faster than the rival software in the market.
CN50 handheld terminals of the Intermec Corporation, one of the most important brands of the world on "Rugged" (industrially durable) handheld computers, were used in the project.

Another important point of this project is the fact that, it is the "first" major project in the "world" that utilizes Intermec CN50, a device that was selected at a time when it was a prototype... However, the surprise this time was Intermec's bestowment of the award "The Technology Innovator of the Year" to Univera in 2010, due to Univera's special developments used on the mobile handheld terminals in the Vodafone project.

Besides the CN50 handheld terminals of Intermec, also Univera's licensed product "Acrobat Vehicle Printers" was used in the project for issuing invoices in field vehicles. Within the scope of the project, Vodafone sales representatives deliver Vodafone products to sales points against invoice as fast moving consumer goods... At the same time sales representatives gather many data such as "Card SIM Code" by means of barcoded handheld terminals. The barcoded system is also capable of automatically tracking all inventory quantity and location information of Vodafone products...

The display (Dashboard) screens specially developed for EnRoute Panorama and new flexible reporting tools used in the project deliver a quality "Decision Support Solution" to Vodafone sales management. With the aid of these tools and devices, sales management can make faster decisions and can adapt to the ever increasing competitive conditions.