Quest Panorama Mobile Business Management Solution

Quest Panorama mobile business management solution is a simple, easy to apply, easy to learn and easy to adapt web based mobile data collection tool. It is a flexible application that can be used for monitoring the activities of all staff working on the field.

Quest Panorama mobile business management solution enables companies to collect the daily customer activities of their field staff through the forms on hand held computers and allow this information to be reported via internet. All kinds of information that can be collected with paper can be created as forms on the hand held computers. The central users can monitor all these activities with dynamic reporting tools.

You can manage, schedule, monitor field teams in real-time with Quest Panorama mobile business management solution. With accurate, real-time data, you’ll have one single source of the truth. This will let you gain improved visibility into field operations by collecting and analyzing data from the field faster and accurately.

Benefits of Quest Panorama Mobile Business Management Solution

  • Deliver fast and accurate management decisions 
  • Drive field staff performance
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Keep customer info updated at all times
  • Improve team collaboration
  • Improve visibility into field staff and operations
  • Sell more in a single visit
  • Stop selling out of stock products
  • Monitor mobile inventory stock on the field
  • Improved delivery efficiency, access and timeliness
  • Faster reporting with richer and accurate data

Features of Quest Panorama Mobile Business Management Solution

  • Simple and flexible form creation
  • Easy entry for basic descriptions such as customers, visiting points, city, country, employees, route plans, and assignment lists, etc.
  • Role-based permissions for data access and activity management
  • Customizable mobile form layouts for different users and tasks
  • Integration with back-office systems
  • Advanced media capture and note taking functions
  • Device support for hand held computers or tablets
  • Browser access from desktops, laptops and mobile devices
  • Dynamic reporting module with help wizards 
  • Dashboard display panels fed with instant information from the field
  • GPS support for on-line field staff activity and performance monitoring
  • Private Cloud deployment option on for a cost effective solution with a dedicated database and separate software instance hosted by Univera.

4 Steps of Mobile Business Management at Field with Quest Panorama

1. Basic Descriptions

All types of information for data collection, such as customers, visiting points, country, city, etc. are entered to the system as separate segments. The field employees are identified and hierarchies such as chief and supervisor are defined. A certain route plan or assignment list related to the pre-defined points is defined according to the field staff's operational style. All this data can be imported from the current work systems of the companies through integration.

2. Flexible Form Design

All kinds paper based forms can be created on the hand terminals. Different data types such as text, numerical, date, multiple choice, constant definition and box selection can be created on these forms. Photo attachment or note taking functions can be executd depending on the type of data entry.

3. Information Collection and Application

Information is collected from the field by hand held computers or tablet computers through the pre-defined forms. Field staff can take photos and send these photos to the headquarters depending on the form types.

4. Dynamic Reporting

All activities performed on the field are reported by the headquarters with an embedded reporting tool. Numerical maps connected to GPS can be taken as well as pivot, list and graph reports.

Quest Panorama has a dynamic reporting module which is a very sophisticated reporting tool. All activities performed in the field can be reported though this module. Users can prepare reports rapidly and easily with the help of wizards with simple interfaces. 4 kinds of reports can be prepared with the dynamic reporting module.

  • List Reports
  • Pivot / Cube Reports
  • Graph Reports
  • Photo Reports

Other Detailed Features of Quest Panorama

Manager Screens (Dashboard)

Dashboards are updated with instant information allowing managers to see the situation in the field promptly and take precautions urgently. Most of this information is displated as 3D graphs where all trends can be followed from the online monitoring screens measuring visit performances of the field staff. In recent years, such dashboards are widely used for easy interpretation and quick decision taking.

Map Integrations

Quest Panorama allows reporting of all activities performed on the filed through the maps with the help of GPS. Having a GPS function on the hand held computers or tablets is sufficient. Field staff can be monitored on the map online, and all visits and daily routes can be followed up with this module. Colored customer segmentation reports can be taken from the maps. Region specific form information can be reported as well as hundreds of other report types.

Supported Mobile Platforms

Quest Panorama operates on Android, Windows 10 and iOS based hand held computers and tablet computers. 

Quest Panorama fits all screen resolutions and operates on various smartphones, handhelds and tablet computers with a range from PDA devices with 2,5” screen size upto tablet computers with 10,1” screen size.

Quest Panaroma on Cloud - Flexibilty of an on demand solution

We offer Quest Panaroma both host on-site or cloud computing, based on your choice. Quest Panaroma on Cloud gives you quick and secure access without the worry of expensive IT start-up costs. We set you up – there’s nothing technical to do on your end. All you need is an internet connection where users can login with their usernames and passwords. With Quest Panaroma on Cloud, projects can go live rapidly and hassle-free, without the need of IT investments and services. Pay as you go pricing comes with flexible payment terms that falls into even limited budgets.

Benefits of Quest Panaroma on Cloud

  • Projects can be initialized without any server etc. investments.

  • No IT services required, such as server support, upgrade manegemnt, etc.

  • Eases the purchase processes of the projects.

  • Monthly payments balance the cash flow.

  • Rapid installment allows rapid project start up.

  • Software costs are invoiced as service.

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