Automatic Definition / Data Collection Solutions (AD/DC)

In our day where competitive conditions pressurize companies, technological advancements help companies to get ahead of others in terms of competition. Companies that manage their business processes with the developing technologies have the upper hand in competition.

Automatic Definition / Data Collection systems enable companies to collect and process data in a fast and error-free way.

What is AD/DC?
Automatic definition / data collection system is the general name given to the technologies used for determining, identifying objects, collecting information concerning the identified objects and collecting these information in a computerized environment without working manually on them. The purpose of automatic recognition systems is to increase efficiency, reduce data-entry mistakes and enabling to use the personnel more effectively than having them deal with the data manually. Several technologies are included under the roof of automatic recognition. These are barcodes, smart cards, audio recognition, some biometric technologies (retina scanning), optical character recognition and radio frequency recognition.

Businesses have various needs in terms of automatic recognition and data collection. It is mostly not possible to use standard package software for the needs of such variety. In order to render the data collection system to be established efficient, some engineering works have to be performed. Having entered into the sector in 1992 by generating solutions concerning AD/DC systems, Univera now took its place among the leading companies of the sector. With its long years of experience in AD/DC area, Univera generated solutions for many companies.