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A Helping Hand from Univera to the Students in Siirt…

As the Univera Family, we are always trying to be respectful and sensitive to our environment. Proceeding with this culture, we are trying to go eliminate shortcomings and deficiencies that we have seen around us. The support hand we extended to our kids in Siirt, too, was actualized with a call came to us. One month of preparations made with the incoming support request provided to put smiles on the faces of hundreds of kids studying in Siirt. We have tried to meet the clothing needs of kids and their families who have been going to school in different villages of Siirt with the aid packages we have prepared as Univera Volunteers. For a month, as Univera Employees, we gathered with great enthusiasm the needs of our children and families, such as clothes and stationery, and delivered those to them. In return, we also received letters of thanks from that poured from hearts of the kids on to the paper.

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