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Gifts of Newly Born Univera Babies are from the LÖSEV Store

Starting their journey with the slogan "when a child smiles, the world smiles", LÖSEV enriches the society with healthy, happy children with the work they accomplish. We continue to support LÖSEV as the Univera, which is established to meet all the needs of children with leukemia such as health and education. By giving gifts to our employees who became new parents from the LSV store where all proceedings go to LÖSEV, we believe even the smallest support will save a child's life.

We also aim to increase awareness of children with leukemia and blood diseases by giving our employees this meaningful gift who have become new parents. As Univera, we know the importance of happy children in the development of societies and for this reason we strive for it at every opportunity. 

For your supports, please visit www.lsvdukkan.com

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