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Our Future is Our Youth Project

We are focused on improving ourselves in the industry and in our position for a quarter of a century; we are always open to new knowledge. For this reason, we wanted to support the importance we give to education with our social responsibility project. We think that our country's prosperity and walking on the road ahead of the future with unfaltering steps passes through the education of our youth. For this reason, we carried out our social responsibility project named "Our Future is Our Youth", which is focused on education in 2017, together with the Turkish Education Association (TED).

We support the education of successful students from Anatolian and Science High Schools with the cooperation of TED on the project we call "25 Young Persons on the 25th Year". The project covers 25 young people benefiting from the TED Full Support Scholarship. Our young people whom we support their education and social life are being prepared for a prosperous future.

We hope that our "Our Future is Our Youth" project, which we have actualized in our 25th year, will continue by expanding its extent every year. We believe that with our educated young people we shall be looking forward to a better future...

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