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In the 25th Year of Univera, 25 Youngsters are Supported!

In order to celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2017, we came together with the Turkish Education Association (TED), one of Turkey's most established associations in education. We prepared a project through a scholarship program that includes successful students from TED's Anatolian and Science High Schools. We crowned our special year, which we went out with the motto of "25th Year, 25 Youngsters", with the social responsibility project.

Univera General Manager Cüneyt Ersin at the signing ceremony said: “Like our 25th year, this project is also high-valued for us. As individuals and Univera, we are always sensitive to the environment. This sensitivity has also influenced the institutional culture in various ways. So that, as Univera family we are pleased to crown our 25th year with the project of  "Our Future, Our Youngsters" . Ersin, continued his words by saying that “The investment for young people is the most profitable investment for the future, we work with young people and see how much potential they have”. The young population in our country also has the potential to carry us forward if they can receive good education.

We support our youngsters' education in order to bring out this potential with "Our Future, Our Youngsters" project. Our Future, Our Youngsters project, contributes to the training of 25 young people within the scope of Full Support Scholarship Program for successful students studying in Anatolian and Science High Schools of TED. Students interviewed by TED are constantly monitored to ensure better training by TED's experienced staff.

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