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The World of Panorama

Welcome to the world of Panorama. Univera's platform on which all software solutions work Panorama, with its six different solutions, offers you solutions in sales, logistics and service areas. You can manage your procurement, production, warehouse, logistics, sales, business partner, field teams and service partner management processes separately with Panorama Solutions, as well as you can digitize all these processes with Panorama as a single solution from end-to-end.

With Panorama Product Family's solutions that operate integrated with ERPs, you can manage all your processes from production to after sales service in digital environment and you can put your signature on live projects with its support services.


End to endr solution on
one single platform

IoT Integration

Alternative process management with Internet of Things Technology

ERP and Commercial Package Integration

Application that works integrated with all ERP and Commercial Packages


Easy-to-manage process on the field and other off-office workspaces

Cloud Computing

Quick and easy access to data anywhere with internet

Software Service (SaaS)

System that run on the web without requiring server or infrastructure investment

Business Intelligence

Reporting tools that collect, analyze and intelligently interpret raw data

Big Data

Processing and efficient use of all collected information

Expand Your Panorama With ExtendedAPI

ExtendedAPI allows you to expand your Panorama appropriately for your own use. ExtendedAPI, a software development interface, enables you to realize the optimum development for your business processes with your own team or solution partners according to the requirements of the company.

  • Access to all functions of Panorama
  • Visual interface standards for user-friendly application
  • Direct use of extensions within Panorama
  • Use of the Panorama authorization infrastructure
  • Use of different coding languages
  • Powerful documentation support
  • Support platform for application development stage
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