Project Initiation

At the beginning of the project, we understand the organization structure of our customers and determine their expectations and objectives. In this respect, we ensure that our customers benefit from our projects at the highest level and that the projects proceed smoothly.

In the first phase, we determine the current situation and identify the what needs to be done for the desired system. Also at the beginning of the project, we determine Time-Quality-Cost triangle model, project teams and project senior management. By creating a SWOT analysis, project plan, we determine all the requirements for the system to meet our customers' needs.

Analysis and Design

As a priority in our project approach, we ensure that our customer's digital conversion journeys begin and end with success, ensuring that process requirements are met by keeping our communication strong at all times.

We are preparing the necessary information / master data in order to obtain the system design approval and all the requirements determined during the analysis and design phase of the pilot process. With the mature project plan, we are designing business processes in Panorama. The general use and help documentation also get ready in this phase.

Development and Customization

Our team that has command of all technical details and experienced, we develop the best methods for our customers and minimize the risk of error.

We complete all the improvements and integrations in requirements analysis and system design documents in the third phase of our project. With the approval of the relevant units we are switching to the test and pilot phase of the project.

Test and Pilot

In this phase, where business processes are designed in a test environment, the system enters a two- sided approval process. System that is approved by our customer and our company will move on live transition from the test environment.

Pilot process is started with passing of usage in the determined locations. At this stage, our Call Center Support service will also be commissioned to prevent possible errors. With the "Pilot Evaluation" meeting held as a result of the test and pilot processes, we ensure that our project is ready to be implemented at all locations. User documents, distributor preparation and installation, training checklists and support team documents are created at this stage and we ensure that system is used by all users without any problems.

System Roll-Out

We are setting up the pilot schemes in all locations as planned and approved. At this stage, we evaluate the expectations from the users. Our periodic informative reports ensure that the project progresses in a smoothly.

We ensure that the system is in use at the designated locations in the system expansion phase and the users have been trained to use the system.

Project Closing

With all the technical details about the system being ready, the project has entered the closing phase. At this stage, we submit our project within the budget and time frame set in "Project Beginning" and submit it to our customer's approval. With the "Project Closure Document" we have prepared, we evaluate the gains, residual risks and expectations. We ensure that the system is used in all locations and by all users without any problems, and with the approval of the Project Closure Document, we continue to support our customers every step of the digital conversion journey.

Change Management

Implemented by a very small number of companies in our country, "Change Management" is one of the most important stages of our project approach for us. After the closing of the project, we work in line with project needs and ensure that the effects of change are determined and managed from the very beginning.

We produce living projects! We manage and value the process of change in order to ensure that our customers benefit both from our customers' demands and from technological developments. As Univera, thanks to our Change Management approach, we are constantly renewing ourselves and producing projects that provide solutions to changing needs at all times.