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We always want to a place that vivid and inspring for all Univera family. During the design phase we took care of the fields of rest and socialization as well as the working area. By this means we are closer the vivid working place but we are aware that people are the most important. That’s why our main purpose is provide a place that every member of Univera Family can be at ease.

As a need of our corporate culture, being a Univera Family for many years are valid in our all offices. Thus, the communication power and energy that we have in Univera enable us to work professionally in peaceful environment. Our stress free working environment and in-house events leads to friendships that last for years. Our expanding team day by day, brings new colors to us.

Continuously expanding Univera, also has lots of opportunities in the matter of career. Univera provides experience for professional and personel development in that matter Univera is a good start for young people at the beginning of their career and a long career path for experienced professionals.

Today we are a large family of 150+ people who are able to work in harmony with each other and with team spirit, and if you want to be part of this family we are waiting for your application.


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