LojiTek – Supply Management Solution

LojiTek, is developed for the purpose of storing supply operations of the firm and to processes them electronically and systematically. With LojiTek you can create reports any time, prevent errors that may occur at the time of operation and speeding up operations.



It enables you to set up a human-independent system, by digitizing your supply operations that are difficult to follow, and by minimizing human error.

  • Digitalized processes
  • Minimum data loss
  • Easy reporting
  • Time saving
  • Fast and error-free operations
  • Processes monitored in electronic environment
  • Strong communication between manufacturer, supplier and parent company



LojiTek, with its different functions for different users, enables to record the necessary operations in electronic environment, in particular for manufacturer, supplier and parent company.

  • Procurement processes
  • Assign work order
  • Palleting / Labeling
  • Uploading / Delivery
  • Supervision
  • Contract / Payment / Advance Payment management
  • Inventory management
  • Regional visit planning


Additional Features

LojiTek, which is enriched with many other capabilities besides its basic features, can be shaped according to many industries and becomes an indispensable solution for you.

  • Messaging
  • Special coding
  • High-level reporting

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