EnRoute - Omni-Channel Sales Management

EnRoute, which enables companies with different sales channels to see the information of their business partners and sales figures on a single system, also offers a solution to them as a sales force automation.

EnRoute provides a wide range of benefits to user firms, such as the ability to control sales conditions at the retail outlets by the senior management of the main company, to have a command over all the data of the points of sale, and to make healthy managerial decisions by conducting necessary analyses and evaluations from the existing data.



Offering different benefits for different areas of use, EnRoute meets all the needs of companies in omni-channel management. Makes it easy to manage mobile sales teams and sales channels.

  • Omni-channel management with one system
  • Control of mobile teams
  • Easy sales / ordering / invoice transactions in the field
  • Increase in fast sales / invoicing / visit frequency
  • Acceleration in end-of-day / beginning-of-day operations
  • Increase in availability / penetration
  • Competitor analysis / benchmarking opportunities
  • Decrease in cost of inventories
  • Decrease in production / supply costs
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Flexibility - timely action / reaction


Control and process management is difficult for companies that run sales processes from different channels. It becomes necessary to collect information such as the sales states of the channels, the collection of the data, and analyze these data to obtain useful information. Various functions have been developed for EnRoute for use in the main firm, business partners and mobile teams. By the help of these functions, the necessary operation and information flow is provided for the main company's multiple sales channel and sales force management, and for different processes.

Dealer Relationship Management

  • Sales Planning / execution / reporting cycle
  • Dealer commercial system integration
  • Order entry
  • Product - payment integration
  • Campaign / discount management
  • Monitoring reseller stocks



  • Central Price / Discount / Promotion Definitions
  • POS integrations
  • Tablet sales
  • Stock movements
  • Service integration
  • Pre-accountancy

Consolidation of the sales data

  • Data collection with reseller / distributor commercial system
  • Reporting sales of company products
  • Distributor stock follow-up
  • Sales Tracking


e-Commerce System

  • Professional customer and consumer order portal
  • Reseller stocks
  • Online order
  • Online payment / collection
  • Shipping process

Sales Force Automation

Van Sales

  • Route planning
  • Invoicing in the van
  • Campaign / promotion / discount management
  • Online price, stock management
  • Product-price agreement
  • Reporting
  • Offline price management

Order Collection / Distribution

  • Order collection
  • Shipment / route planning
  • Campaign / promotion / discount management
  • Distributor management

Tele-Sales System

  • Ordering via tele sales experts
  • Integration with the switchboard
  • Fast sales on one screen
  • Instant campaign and report display

Additional Features

Possessing various capabilities, EnRoute has many features that will benefit you in detail as well. Especially with its adaptable structure and different modules, it offers you the solution you need.

  • System enriched by modules
  • Adaptable structure
  • Application customizable with API
  • Loyalty management
  • Hot / cold sales in the field
  • Advanced reporting
  • Asset tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Proprietary tracking and reporting tool for the executives

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