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Easy Way to Achieve Sales Targets at Every Point

It can be very time-consuming and difficult for sales representatives working in a wide sales network to always check up-to-date data on a point-by-point basis. Meet SalesCoach, which makes it easier to achieve sales targets by strengthening your communication with sales representatives working physically away from the head office. The main purpose of SalesCoach, the omni-channel sales management module of EnRoute, is to support sales strategies by providing sales representatives valuable insights through sound or on-screen notifications during their visits. SalesCoach strengthens the communication of the head office with the field and provides convenience and speed to the sales representative.

SalesCoach minimizes the time required for reviewing reports and extracting correct information. This solution, which increases the performance of the sales representative by providing the necessary information to the sales representative throughout the day, also creates higher customer interaction.

Updated Data Throughout The Whole Day

With SalesCoach, a representative starts their day with motivational or informative messages from the management. With the report screen on their mobile devices, they see their daily goals and determine the roadmap to reach their goals. A sales representative continues to receive valuable insights through sound or screen notifications throughout and at the end of the day, and increases their service quality with point-based suggestions. At the end of the day, a representative who can see the completion rates and list status of the daily goals on the reporting screen can evaluate their own performance.

Examples of information that can be presented to the field team on a visiting point basis with SalesCoach

  • Performance status
  • Management messages
  • Route information/performance
  • Up-do-date current information
  • Comparative Product
  • Return rate information
  • Customers on the route
  • Discount information
  • Additional off-route assignments
  • Assignments assigned by the representative

Benefits of SalesCoach

It supports development in 3 main areas with SalesCoach functions:

Realizing sales strategies

The instant data it provides to the sales representatives on the basis of visiting points provides convenience to the personnel. A representative who has a good command of the sales targets and works in line with the information increases the visit's efficiency more easily. It facilitates access to SalesCoach sales strategies that support short-term goals.
Strengthening the communication between the field and head office

You can send motivational, informative and guiding messages to the field team specific to your organization. The field team can listen and read these messages via voice or screen notifications. With these messages from the company, physically active field team works with a better motivation and up-to-date information. Creating the right information transfer at the right time, SalesCoach strengthens its communication structure regardless of location.
Increasing customer satisfaction

With SalesCoach, you can have detailed information about your sales network by making quizzes for your customers. Additional functions such as personalized greeting messages and birthday celebrations increase customer satisfaction.

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