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Univera Cookie Policy

Cookies are simple text files placed on your browser by websites in order to identify your preferences or actions. As Univera we are also using cookies to be ensure that our visitors get best experience from our web-site.

Cookies are used so as to collect information about use of website in the visits. Our intention is to provide facilities to users visiting our website and to understand and identify how we can further improve efficiency and usage our services.

Information security is one of the most important issues that we prioritize. The information that we collect via cookies doesn’t share with third parties under the our information security policy.

Almost all browsers are automatically set to accept cookie uses. You can manage your own cookie usage. You can close or edit your cookie settings with detailed information from your browser's help page.


What is Cookie and What is Using For?

Cookie is a text file that are stored on your device or server by the websites you visit.

The main purposes of using cookies on our website are:

  • To ensure that our website is user friendly and to improve its performance,
  • Continuously improve our site and personalize according to the preferences of the visitors,
  • To ensure the legal and commercial security of our website, your rights and our company.


The Cookies That are Using in Our WebSite

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