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Hosting Services

As Univera, we are investing in different service areas as well to better serve our customers in a changing information society. We are also able to provide hosting services to our customers with the help of our "High Capacity Server" investments located in Istanbul and Izmir Data Centers.

With the hosting service we provide, you can save all the data from our Panorama software on secure servers, without the need for an extra server in your company for your projects.

We can lease our software to our customers, with the SaaS service (Software as a Service) model. This is a "Cloud Computing" Platform where our applications for mobilisgucu.com are rented. We harbor the data and software of our customers benefiting from this service in environments where all security precautions against virtual and even physical theft are put in place; we offer 7/24 usage on our servers where full backup and uninterrupted work guarantees are provided.

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