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The changes that developing in business world make mandatory digital transformation for companies. Today's need that digital transformation has begun for most of the companies. Today, because of the global situation we moved our many habits into digital environment also consumer behaviors tend to digital too. In this period when digital habits are developing fast, as Univera; We are preparing institutions for the new era by developing the CommercePortal for easy management of electronic sales processes. Research shows that brands that integrate their e-commerce structure into their sales channels expand their sales network by digital transformation and increase their income up to 3 times. As Univera, we offer solutions to facilitate the transition of companies to e-commerce system.

CommercePortal lets you to give perfect e-commerce experience for your sales partners and end consumers.

The Sales Solution of Modern Companies

Develop and strengthen your e-commerce structure with CommercePortal to ensure that both your customers and dealers access easy and fast shopping experience at anytime, anywhere. CommercePortal enables to manage of both B2B and B2C sales processes. Distributors, dealers also end users can give order through one portal, in that way you will have digital sales processes with CommercePortal.

Fast Pass to Omni-Channel Sales Management

There are still traditional sales methods, but changing consumer behaviors requires firms to offer their customers digital methods. CommercePortal provides you the best solution to manage sales from multiple channels.

CommercePortal gets its order, shipment and collection management features from EnRoute, an experienced Omni-Channel Sales Management solution. CommercePortal that developed in order to serve in the best way to sales, offers you a perfect e-commerce system. Also, thanks to mobile responsiveness, CommercePortal, which can be accessed on any device and location independently, provides ease of use to your end consumers and business partners.

Panorama Integration
  • Product/Category/Brand Management Integration
  • Customer Management Integration
  • Dealer/Distributor Management Integration
  • Discount/Campaign Management Integration
  • Warehouse and Stock Management
  • Supply and Shipment Planning
Operational Advantages
  • Automotic Active Virtual POS
  • Customer Service/Complaint Management
  • Smart Filter/Product Search Options
  • Cargo Managament
  • Statistics and Detailed Reporting
  • Gift Voucher / Points System
Solution Functions
  • Ready Theme Design
  • Banner / Slider Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile Responsive Site
  • Mobile Application
  • SSL Security Certificate

To get detailed information about CommercePortal, click here to download product file.


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