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Join Mobile Supply Chain Management Journey with Panorama 7.0

Panorama 7.0 is powered up with increased collaboration and personalized access functions. With more than 25000 mobile users, Panorama’s new version outstands with PanoramaSocial, a private social network app for increased collaboration along the supply chain.

As the leading Automatic Definition / Data Collection (AD/DC) technologies and mobile business solutions vendor, Univera brings all its solutions for sales and distribution, warehouse and logistics and business management together on Panorama Platform. Panorama addresses mobile sales and logistics automation requirements especially for large scale companies with distributed operations since 1992. The last release, Panorama 7.0 comes along with many improvements for improved mobile supply chain management experience.

Recent researches indicate that users not only look for cutting edge technology and functionality in the apps they use, but also aim for stylish user-interfaces that they enjoy to use. So we have adapted all our user interfaces to fulfil user expectations and increase usability. Rather than reinventing the wheel, we have followed Google’s Material Design philosophy and practices in redesigns.

Panorama 7.0 now supports all web browsers to put anytime anywhere any device flexible working arrangements into action. New screen designs users can easily design their own reports with dashboards and widgets. Panorama 7.0 now nails user adoption and increased satisfaction with increased personalization features, enabling easy customized screens reflecting corporate identity on the mobile app.

Ongoing enhancements to Panorama 7.0 also include “Remote Management Performance” module. Administrative users now can trace and monitor the app performance anywhere, any time with any device for timely interventions that will decrease overall transaction time.  

The released “Software Development Kit” for Panorama 7.0 will also give the administrative users the flexibility to implement their ad-hoc solutions on live environment for extended supply chain operations.

The most notable feature is “PanoramaSocial” a mobile app that comes with Panorama 7.0. PanoramaSocial is a private social network app for increased collaboration along the supply chain. With PanoramaSocial, business users communicate, collaborate and share experiences over a reliable and controlled environment. Sharing field experience instantly over PanoramaSocial brings quick and instant solutions to challenges on mobile supply chain management. Functions such as task assignment, messaging, creating user groups can all be carried on PanoramaSocial for business productivity.

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