Univera Logo

Newer and Stronger

Our new logo holds the message that we are progressing continuously without aging. The thickening in the logo’s typography symbolizes strength, while the simplification of colors  and the use of red color in particular mean energy and renewal.

Beside the logo change this year, we are making our organizations stronger on digital conversion journeys with our three new products that add product portfolio and bring their main platforms Panorama to after sales services, field collaborations and e-commerce features. With our increasing knowledge and experience, our Panaroma solutions are developing for different sectors as well.

In the sectoral sense we constantly keep ourselves open and we offer more solutions every day in many sectors. The change in corporate sense is in fact the news of many innovations. As the time goes by, our team grows, and the areas where our solutions are used are also expanding. Our solutions for a very vertical and narrow space now cover all of the different processes of the companies such as sales, logistics and service. For this reason we always work to be "newer, stronger".

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