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Panorama's capabilities approved globally

Being a major player in supply chain management software, Univera has its well deserved place in the "POI Retail Execution Vendor Panorama 2016" published in July 2016 and was ranked on top of competiton in several criteria.

The U.S.A. based, independent Promotion Optimization Institute contributes to the development of sectors by bringing together companies, solution providers, academicians, analysts and other industry leaders. Those that have a say in their respective sectors offer their ideas, conduct various evaluations and publish reports on the best solutions and methods for advancement. 

With the recent "POI Retail Execution Vendor Panorama 2016" report, the Institute evaluated the needs of the sector and sectoral solutions. According to the report, Univera's optimzed solutions for supply chain management were found above the sector expectations. Having found its place in the report particularly with its capabilities to monitor and track the whole field through a single system and its reporting properties, Univera passed with flying colors with the flexibility of its solutions, with user experience and offering complete solutions. 

Sharing his views on the report, Univera General Manager Cuneyt Ersin emphasized that they produce need-oriented solutions by stating: "We're taking significant steps to further develop our solutions and become the software used all around the world. By also working with independent organizations as POI, we analyze sector needs particularly in foreign markets and we use these analyses in our R&D efforts. By this way we are able to produce the most optimized solutions for supply chain management and projects for the sectors."

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