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POI 2019 Retail Application Report is Online

The report that sustaining by POI every year, evaluates similar applications and in order to do that extensive interviews are doing with each participant firm. During these interviews the solutions are evaluating tghrough certain criterias. For the 2019 report we shared our solutions' details with POI Analysts.

As a result of the evaluations made, Univera has taken the highest score from the company and product criteria and ahead of its competitors. Univera also proved its success in the subject of  sustainability, rapid solutions, accurate identification of market, vertical development, strong business partners. In terms of the ability, flexibility, user experience, vision criterias are evaluated in the report and Univera genereally had higher scores than competitors.

Univera Software Manager Emre Çelik: "We have been working on the same solutions for many years. For this reason, we provide in-depth solutions for companies with vertical orientation. POI examines our solutions from A to Z with full details. In fact, like these reports prove our solutions success and enable us to improve in terms of capability of our solutions. The results are also positively affecting our plans for future periods. Of course, taking part in this report every year since 2016 and being among the best is a source of great pride for us." said about POI report results.

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