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POI 2021 Retail Sales Execution Report Released

The 2021 Retail Sales Execution report prepared by POI (Promotion Optimization Institute), an independent research and consultancy organization, has been published.

POI (Promotion Optimization Institute) globally reviews solutions on a large scale in the retail space. The research examines solution competencies from many perspectives, based on changing conditions and priorities every year. We shared our Panorama solution platform with POI analysts in the report, which we were covered for the fifth time.

As a result of the research, our Panorama platform, which offers digital transformation solutions in sales, service and logistics placed among the best in class its field in telemarketing and desktop Ux for the head office experience. Panorama's tele-sales functions were selected among the best-in-class distinction in the field by POI during the period when the importance of virtual sales channels increased rapidly due to Covid-19. Another prominent strength of Panorama came through the research was Panorama's ability to enable the head office to track field processes. Instant viewing and analysis of field data provides a powerful experience for Panorama head office users, helping fast and accurate strategic decision making in field processes.

Our Software Manager Emre Çelik expressed his views on the report as follows: “Panorama is a well-established platform that has been strengthened by the experience of our projects working in the field for many years. We have been aiming for continuous improvement for our platform to be among the best-in-class solution providers for many years. We are very happy to see that our work in POI research was evaluated by a team of experts and that the solutions we offer to our customers are successful and have a say in the global sense. We are proud to be among the best-in-class distinction for the relative topics. In 2021, the 8th version of Panorama will meet with our customers. We will continue to work for Panorama, which has grown stronger ever in our 30th year, to be the main champion of our customers' digital transformation journey.”


To access the full report “2021 Vendor Panorama for Retail Sales Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods”, you can follow this link or contact with this e-mail address: jmalin@poi.org.

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