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Univera Among the Best Again in This Year

Promotion Optimization Institute, an independent consulting and research service company, evaluates companies and their solutions with a variety of surveys conducted by sector leaders and expert advisors. One of these researches, "Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods", is investigating the adequacy of the solutions in the consumer products sector and scores are given to the solutions.

The research includes software companies that serve on a global scale and their solutions. Detailed interviews with each company, solution analyzes and user opinions affect the score in the report. In the research, company evaluation consists of criteria such as viability, geographical strategy, retrospective achievements, market understanding, adaptation to different sectors, company vision. When these criteria are set, Univera is among the top 5 companies that were established in many different parts of the world and serve in different regions.

Product evaluation includes many criteria such as flexibility, adaptability, completeness in all areas of use, analytical capabilities and user experience. The solutions that are evaluated by considering such criteria are examined in detail by the advisors. As a result of these examinations, the solutions that give the same services in the different parts of the world are sorted and the best ones are determined.

Univera maintains its position on the top among the 19 companies that can be included in the survey this year as in the past year. In the product evaluation, Panorama that received full marks on 8 criteria is one of the 3 applications with the best mobile interface in the report.

You can reach the full report here.

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