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We are in the Top 10 Logistics Tech Companies 2019 in Europe

We are in the top 10 in Europe! In the survey conducted by Logistics Tech Outlook, our solutions were listed among the top 10 logistics technology providers in Europe. You can find full article below:

As a result of the widely varying geopolitical scenarios, organizations in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa have to depend on a complex mesh of distribution systems and third-party companies for their procurement and supply chain requirements. They face an uphill task to design a unified software solution that can address their end-to-end business needs. Stepping up to the challenge is Univera, a Turkish technology company that provides a single and comprehensive solution to cater to the complete supply chain needs of a company, from procurement and contract management to sales and after-sales services. Unlike ERP solutions that are restricted to a particular company, Univera goes one step ahead to address the needs of the entire business ecosystem. These capabilities help companies steer in the right direction and capitalize on the market opportunities.

Univera delivers these capabilities through its consolidated web-based software suite, Panorama, which integrates with the ERP systems of clients and paves the way for them to manage all the processes in a digital environment. Comprising six different modules, namely, Lojitek, StokBar, Quest, EnRoute, CallDesk, and Panorama Social (Social), Panorama can be used by clients to build strong communication across the broad spectrum of business partners and comprehensively manage supply chains, warehouse and production, sales force automation, and customer mobile data. These independent yet consolidated modules offer a wide range of sales and logistics functionalities for clients to make effective and informed decisions. Panorama also helps clients with the required support services to manage partnerships.

What makes Panorama a complete solution is its dedicated social network application which is specifically developed for in-house use. The application streamlines process execution and enables office and field teams to communicate seamlessly. “By updating Panorama consistently, we stay current with technological advancements,” says Cüneyt Ersin, Univera’s CEO. “Owing to the continuous efforts of our onsite R&D center, we have unsheathed new dimensions in logistics and sales management. We play a game changing role in in enabling our clients - in Norheatern Europe- to successfully adopt apt solutions and services that catalyze their growth.” Having clients such as Nestlé, RedBull, Vodafone, Unilever, L'Oréal, Schneider Electric, GSK, and Shell, Univera has carved a niche for itself. "We play a game-changing role in enabling our clients — in Northeastern Europe—to successfully adopt apt solutions and services that catalyze their growth". 

Univera achieves this feat by paying close attention to specific client requirements. Our development team creates dedicated and customized technology modules that address their predicaments,” adds Emre Çelik, Product Manager of Univera. In case the client requires further customizations, the company allows them to develop the code to expand the value proposition of the existing Panorama solutions.

For instance, Bridgestone Turkey, a leading logistics company is relying on Panorama to manage its relationship with business partners. Using Panorama for web-based project management and call center management, Bridgestone Turkey has been able to offer an easily accessible support platform to its business partners. Tarık Dizer, Product Manager of Univera, mentions that Bridgestone Turkey’s sales team uses Panorama to determine business strategies and equip business partners with the ability to provide services to their customers from a single screen. “More than 30,000 sales personnel are using our software to drive their top line.” With the belief that the logistics market will be disrupted by the capabilities of IoT, Univera has recently partnered with an IoT chipset manufacturing company to reduce labor and operational costs. Considering the growing interest of logistics companies in AI-based applications for demand forecasting and root optimization, Univera is now working on developing tools to help clients predict sales and inventory parameters with an accuracy of 95 percent. The company is looking forward to extending its footprint in places like East Europe, CIS countries, Middle East, and Africa in the days ahead.

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