Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is one of the sectors we have been servicing since 1992 and have the most experience with. FMCG is one of the most demanding sectors for mobile computing solutions. Because “speed” and “correct data” are indispensable for this sector. As can be understood from the name, the fast-moving consumer goods sector is a sector where a wide variety of products are sent and distributed to the marketplace very quickly, where market conditions change rapidly and where the effects of competitive conditions are felt exceedingly.

EnRoute, our Multi-Channel Sales Management solution is the most well-known sales and logistics automation system in the sector that is utilized by the largest fast-moving consumer goods companies in Turkey and abroad. World giant FMCG companies such as Nestlé, Efes, Mondelez, Reckitt Benckiser, Johnson Wax, L’oreal, and Evyap are using our EnRoute solution today.

Likewise, in this sector where product circulation is the highest and storage costs may hit the ceiling, our Warehouse and Production Management solution, StokBar, is being successfully used among the biggest companies of their respective fields, such as Philip Morris, Opet, JTI, L’OReal, Doğuş Çay and Gıda Grubu.

Quest, our Field Data Collection and Mobile Team Management solution, is also used by industry's big companies such as Ülker, Nestlé, JTI, Imperial Tobacco, Haribo, Anadolu Efes, MARS... Quest software is used to track business activities on the field (for example, arrangement-display activities of field representatives in large supermarkets, or the control activities of field supervisors).


As Univera, we provide services to our customers with our industry-independent solutions that we produce. For the electrics and electronics industry, we also adapt our solutions to the business processes of our customers and meet their needs. We support companies in the electric electronics industry during their digital transformation processes in sales, service and logistics related issues.

Our six different solutions working on the Panorama Platform enable the companies in the electric electronics industry to digitize their business processes from production to after-sales service management, as a complete solution or by being utilized individually, according to their needs.

Construction - Building

In the construction industry, which has one of the highest growth potential in Turkey, we integrate technology into business processes. Innovation emerges day by day in the construction industry and we make it easier for our customers in this industry to meet these innovations.

Contractor firms such as Berk İnşaat and İkon Yapı in the construction and building industry, plan and monitor their field service works with our Field Data Collection and Mobile Team Management solution, Quest. In the building materials side of the construction industry, companies that manufacture and distribute construction hardware such as Marshall, monitor and manage their sales organizations and distribution channels by using our EnRoute, Multi-Channel Sales Management and StokBar, Warehouse and Production Management software. Intema, which operates under the roof of Eczacıbaşı group of companies, provides control of their sales channels with our EnRoute solution.


In the retail industry where competition is so fierce, it is impossible for retailers who do not offer value to their customers to be successful in the long run at the marketplace. Many major brands in the retail industry gain competitive advantages by utilizing our Panorama platform solutions.

A101 supermarkets, by using Quest, our Field Data Collection and Mobile Team Management solution, improve their stores to achieve excellence. They inspect their store standards that they have established in accordance with their company policies with forms they have created on Quest. Auditors working in the field conduct store inspections with the application installed on their mobile devices and send reports they prepare to the management office. By this way, field control is being provided. 


The automotive industry that accounts for approximately 5% of the world economy is also showing rapid growth in Turkey. Compared to the world automotive manufacturers, Turkey has competitive advantages from different aspects. As Univera, we support our customers in the automotive industry to strengthen their position in the market with the services we offer.

Turkey’s leading brand in the tire industry, Brisa, is managing its warehouses and dealer network with Panorama. Using different solutions previously to manage its large production volume and sales network, Brisa now utilizing Panorama, the only adaptable solution that meets the needs of warehouses and sales channels. Being able to control all its data on a single platform, Brisa is increasing its productivity in the production and sales network business processes.

BMC, one of the leaders of the automotive industry, is controlling its sales points with our EnRoute Omni-Channel Sales Management solution. The company achieves efficient and fast sales processes by providing the management of different sales channels with EnRoute. BMC, which prefers Quest in the management of field data and its mobile teams, improves productivity with real-time and accurate data analysis.

Continuing its activities for more than 50 years, Anadolu Motor, with Panorama, provides control of more than one of its business processes. In addition to its sales and service processes, by also managing areas with different requirements, such as warehouse and field processes with Panorama World, it continues to be one of the leaders of its industry.


With the advancing technology, telecommunication industry is one of the businesses most affected by the changes required for many companies. With our on-site R&D center, we are providing services to the leading companies in the telecommunication industry today, with our fast-paced solutions to meet their changing conditions. Nowadays, technology companies with broad distribution network need mobile business applications in mobile sales, distribution, warehouse management and field data collection. Our solutions also enable companies that serve in the technology industry to make their business processes work in a faster and more effective manner.

Vodafone, a major player in the technology industry, manages all its dealer sales-distribution, logistics, and sales points in shopping malls with our EnRoute Multi-Channel Sales Management solution. Türk Telekom, one of the leaders of the telecommunication industry, has also chosen our EnRoute solution to control its sales channels.


As Univera, we have over 25 years of experience in barcode and OT/VT systems. We have put our signature to many successful projects including equipment supply with giant logistics companies in Turkey until today. These include the most popular and favored logistics and transportation companies in Turkey, such as Ekol Logistics, Reysaş, Nemport, and Ful Logistics. In the transport industry, with one of Turkey’s largest airline company AtlasJet, we planned hand terminals, and the maintenance and logistics of the company. Again, another giant name of the transportation industry, Sabiha Gökçen Airport Operations, we have supplied services to the baggage recognition and cargo separation processes of the establishment with our labeling solutions.

In addition to all of these projects, we provide services with our Multi-Channel Sales Management solution EnRoute to one of Turkey’s largest export supplier Netlog Logistics Group.


The advancement of technology, and the beginning of the Industry 4.0 approach, led to the emergence of a new era in production facilities. Digitalized systems appear before us as one of the main reasons for the radical changes in production that we observe today. Quality, one of the most important elements in ensuring customer satisfaction, starts with the production phase. Companies that can control their production processes digitally provide savings in terms of time and cost on one hand, and they gain competitive advantages in the challenging market conditions on the other. As Univera, we follow the developing advancements in technological structures in production conditions and possible needs of companies and respond to the needs of our customers with our solutions. With our industry-independent solutions, we provide digitalization to production service providers as well as all other industries.

Anadolu Motor, one of the most experienced companies in its industry, trusts the Panorama World in the management of many of its business processes. Anadolu Motor manages different business processes in a digital environment with the Panorama Product Family, which provides end-to-end solutions. The process starting from the warehouse is managed by Panorama such as sales, field operations, management of business partners, up until to the point where the product reaches to the customer.

Defence Industry

Defence, which is one of the most important issues for countries, has led to the formation of an industry. Defense industry products developed with large investments also require great monitoring and control and even technical service operations for the sector.

As we do for other sectors, we produce solutions that make easier and faster processes also in defence industry. Our six solution that runs at Panorama platform offer several advantages for companies that facilitate in defence industry. By creating projects that fulfill needs of companies we ensure our customers gain competitive advantage.

With CallDesk, our After Sales Service Solution, we help to manage technical service and repair processes easily with the projects we have created for Nurol Makina and BMC.  By CallDesk Arrangement of service and central service times, follow-up of service operations in digital environment, direct sales, periodic customer satisfaction maintenance and planning / follow-up, spare parts inventory follow-up and stock transfer to service partners can be handle easiness. We are aiming to make your processes faster and effective.



Energy sector is one of the leading economic areas in the economy of countries. In recent years, in addition to a limited production of energy sources such as coal, oil and electricity, alternative energy sources such as hydropower, geothermal, natural gas, solar, wind power have been used. This ensures the development of the sector.

Due to the nature of the energy sector, the studies carried out in the area where the energy source is located are extensive and detailed. Information on mobile personnel, inventory or site status can be easily transferred to the digital environment with Panorama's Quest solution.

Within the scope of the project we prepared for EnerjiSA, technicians and mobile team supervisors working in power generation plants can control processes with mobile devices. All work processes integrated with central SAP system through barcode supported infrastructure and mobile devices.