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Eminoglu Marble is More Stronger With Warehouse and Production Management Solution StokBar

Eminoglu Marble was established at 1992. Company with variety of products, realistic price policy and broad customer portfolio, is in a very good position in both domestic and international markets. In 4.500 m2 indoor area , the production rate reaches 500.000 m2/year. The area of plant used for outdoor facilities such as social buildings, loading-unloading fiels, and stock area is about 22.000 m2. %90 of the raw marble blocks which are needed for production are brougth from our own Mioni Beige , Milas and Marqueen quarries.

In marble ındustry warehouse ve production processes can be difficult but Eminoglu Marble make these processes much easier with the help of digital transformation. By trusting our solutions company able to manage its warehouse and production managemet in digital enviroment via StokBar. Eminoglu Marble serves its products in Turkey and abroad, management of wide production and warehouse operations processing in a integrated and faster way.

In the scope of the project; starts with the removal of marbles from the quarry. After the removing of marbles from 3 different quarry, all marbles are labelling in accordance with the marble type, cubic meter, quarry code and other features. The marbles that labeled are shipping to production area that placed at İzmir/Torbalı.  Marbles that are turned into plates and photographed are shipped to different sales channels or offices. Also plate pictures are displaying at handheld terminals. There are 10 handheld terminals and 5 office users for the management of the project.

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