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It's StokBar Time in The Warehouses of Tavuk Dünyası

Tavuk Dünyası was established at 2011, with their delicious recipes and fast grow strategies company has become one of the big player in restaurant marketplace. In a short period of time of 5 years, since the opening of their first restaurant, they have served more than 15 million of people at over 140 locations in more than 35 cities. Company aims better service with the technological investments.

The speed is one the most important factor in food marketplace. Products that couldn't get into processes in the right time causes unexpected costs. That’s why digital transformation and minimizing human based mistakes are very important for this sector.

With the knowledge of that situation Tavuk Dünyası preferred StokBar to manage warehouse and production processes.

Project has started at Şekerpınar factory and now expanded to Ankara factory. Food products and ingredients served to all branches from a single place are easily managed with the StokBar’s advanced features. To serve standardized taste and service in every branch Tavuk Dünyası uses the module of StokBar called SB Quality. In addition to this, Shipment Planning and Production modules are among the modules used by the company in managing the processes within the scope of the project.

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