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Panorama Innovates Brisa's Tyre Journey

Brisa pioneers the tyre sector and adds value to its customers with the world's main brands, namely Bridgestone, Lassa, Firestone, Dayton and Kinesis tyre brands. They carry out retail sales and post-sales service operations via authorised dealers, providing service across Turkey under their brand name. 

Prior to consolidating warehouse and sales channel requirements on a unified and customizable solution on Panorama, Brisa used in-house developed solutions for reseller channel management to manage their large-scale manufacturing size and sales network. They started to face difficulties in responding to their wide reseller network requirements.     

After the implementation of the project, all this burden of work for reseller channel management on headquarters is shared with Univera's project management and call centre team. All Brisa resellers are now granted a solution with an easy access and support point on the web based Panorama platform.

The project is carried out with devoted team collaboration from Brisa and Univera teams. Project team leader Deniz Eyiliksever talks about the project details:

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