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Panorama Period Has Begun at Burda Bebek

Established in 1986, Burda Bebek entered the sector with its baby teether and baby cup varieties with the Bebsi brand and has developed its product range over time. Meeting the needs of both mothers and babies with the locally produced products in Turkey; Burda Bebek A.Ş., has adopted the principle of incorporating the innovations brought by the world health standards and the developing technology; and has created the brand Wee Baby, today's market leader, with continuously developed new models and product varieties.

Burda Bebek, which has different sales channels and field teams, came together with Univera to centrally manage the field and sales operations. In order to manage the field and business partner operations, Quest and EnRoute solutions were implemented in the project.

With EnRoute, which is implemented for sales and order operations; sales teams can now take their orders via tablets, this data can be transferred to the distributor system and daily route plans can be made for the sales team. Having EnRoute installed in their tablets, sales representatives can easily perform their daily sales, order and stock duties.

The part of the project designed with Quest, allows field representatives to digitally plan customer visits, collect data through forms; such as customer notes, availability, display and competition; and to send information to their centres digitally through the system.

The general objectives of the project; in which 40 distribution channels, 72 representatives and 5 head office employees have started to carry out their daily business processes with Panorama solutions; can be listed as follows:

  • Standardisation and reporting of data
  • Central management of sales and field operation channels in different regions of Turkey through a single system
  • Systematic monitoring and control of field teams regardless of the central distance

As a result of these goals, Burda Bebek has benefited from the project in a very short period such as having command of up-to-date sales data with the automatic flow of the data of sales & distribution business partners to Panorama, ability to make fast and instant managerial decisions with business intelligence reports that can instantly analyse the field, and integrated digitalisation of sales, distribution and commercial marketing operations in the field; and these benefits will continue to increase as the project continues.

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