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Stokbar Increases Operational Efficiency, Agility and Accuracy at Torku

Torku, the brand of Konya Şeker, is Turkey’s largest processor and refiner of sugar. Torku is also major player in the food sector with a wide range of products such as chocolate, bakery goods, frozen foods, meat and milk products, vegetable oil and beverages. Torku products are available in most retail stores and delivered to industrial and foodservice customers as well.

Torku manages its production and warehouse processes via StokBar that is a well-known warehouse and production control solution used in the logistic operations of many leading companies in Turkey. StokBar Panorama provides cost saving and increased performance for its users. With StokBar Panoroma, a typical process starts with warehouse management by tracing stocks, optimum stock rates, tracing FIFO-FEFO-LIFO tracing and goes on with the delivery of the goods. All processes of logistics such as accurate distribution, easy product monitoring, delivery information and fleet management are easily controlled and monitored with StokBar Panorama. Torku also benefits from through controlled processes via StokBar resulting with operational efficiency, agility and accuracy.

Other benefits of Torku after implementing warehouse and production control solution StokBar:

·Increased inventory accuracy

  • Reduced incomplete orders
  • Decreased order fulfillment cycle time
  • Improved on-time delivery
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