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The Creator of Happy Moments Ülker is Happy in The Field With Quest

Ülker is one of the most powerful brand in Turkey continues to serve since 1944. Well-known brand by multi generation meets with the customer globally.

Over the years, Ülker with the expanding product range and distribution network today offers its products in every corner of Turkey. Ülker also gives  importance to technology as much as its investment in its products. Ülker and Univera's paths, whose relationships have been based on many years, re-intersect with the Quest Project in 2018.

Within the scope of the project carried out by Yıldız Holding, Horizon Gıda and Pasifik Gıda companies serving the sales and distribution of Ülker products, an average of 1700 field personnel are managed by Mobile Data Collection and Field Team Management solution Quest.

The merchant team of 1200 people who visited Horizon and Pacific Food companies' channel points, can collect and report all information such as detection and demand data, display, availability, shelf share, front of the checkout with Quest mobile features.

Also, other field personnel (Sales Manager, Region Manager etc.) with approximately 500 people are collecting field data. The Site Manager Group collects audit data such as sales and display priority data, compliance with the exhibition priorities and conditions, exhibition competition photos, front-of-store availability, store CRM information (square meter, store authorized person, number of cases etc.) on the basis of channel (customer group), they use this data in the decision-making process.

At the end of the day, Ülker has an extensive field operation, managing this structure quickly and smoothly with Quest. It provides benefits in terms of data entry made with forms determined on mobile application, reduction of human error rates and standardization of reports.

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