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Univera Gives Red Bull Wings

EnRoute solution of Univera is at the service of the first energy drink brand comes to mind, Red Bull. EnRoute, the mobile sales distribution solution of Panorama product family, is integrated to Red Bull’s sales&distribution processes, providing unique advantages.   

Wide spread distribution network and crowded field sales teams bring along hard to manage sales&distribution operations. Manually handled operations result with time loses and error prone processes. Developed specifically to cover these issues, EnRoute Panorama fills this gap for many companies. Reb Bull is yet one of them.

Being a generic brand for energy drinks, Red Bull manages its sales&distribution operations with EnRoute Panorama. Project kick-off dated in 2014, 20 headquarters users, 40 supervisors, 438 sales reps and 95 distributors utilize EnRoute Panorama. All data at each process is accurately collected and managed on-line on a single system.

Red Bull project covers:

  • On-line communication
  • Daily and weekly surveys and availability tracking
  • On-line fixed asset tracking on field
  • Discount and claims calculation reports
  • Sales and sales call integrated bonus scheme calculation

Benefits of all these on-line and mobile transactions:

  • Accurate managerial decisions through fast, exact and solid data transactions
  • Easy management though a unified system
  • Quick accounting through back-office software integration
  • Easy reporting
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