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World of Panorama Reinforces its Sales Operations in International Market

EnRoute digitalizes its sales and distribution processes in the international market as well. Mr. Rasim Bananyarlı, the System Coordinator of Carçıoğlu Group that is the distributor of Anadolu Efes in Azerbaijan market, shared detailed information regarding the advantageous world of EnRoute and the process management.

Can you please introduce yourself?

I was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in 1987. I studied university in Ukraine. I am an economics graduate. I am married and father of a girl. I am working as System Coordinator in Carçıoğlu Group, the distributor of Anadolu Efes in Azerbaijan.  As Carçıoğlu Group, we are carrying out the distribution of Anadolu Efes products in Azerbaijan and distributing the Efes products across the country. I am the system officer of this operation responsible for management of the Field and Central Office Sales process.

Can you please tell us about your company and operations?

Having established in 1997, Carçıoğlu Group LLC is one of the leaders in the non-petroleum market in Azerbaijan. As a distribution company, Carchioglu Group LLC has been importing products from 20 countries and distributing the same to its entire sales network in Azerbaijan market. The companies that we cooperate with are from countries in different regions of world such as United States of America, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Austria, etc. We are especially specialized in production and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Our company is distributing around 20 different products of Anadolu Efes and many products of other well-known brands of the world in Azerbaijan market. Besides foreign brands and products, Carçıoğlu Group places great importance on local production, therefore our company provides different types of local vodka and wine to the consumers.

In addition to distribution, Carçıoğlu Group contributes to the national economy, and it has commenced the production of well-known alcoholic drinks of Russia in its factory, which was commissioned recently. Moreover, we are in development stage of establishment of a company in order for Anadolu Efes products to be manufactured in Azerbaijan in the near future.

You are using EnRoute Solution of Univera for the management of your sales operations. Can you please tell us the processes that you manage by EnRoute?

We are following the Field Sales Operation, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Collection processes by using EnRoute, the Omni-Channel Sales Management Solution of Panorama Product Family. We further use Late Invoice, Credit Limit, Discount and Promotion (2+1 amount and quantity criterion) functions as well.

Upon establishment of our newly opened factory, as I mentioned, our processes that are being managed by EnRoute has been expanded. In addition to the products that are being manufactured in our new factory, we started to manage the sales and distribution operations of products of Sırma Group, which uses EnRoute in its Turkey Operation, by using EnRoute. We are planning to manage the sales operations of our Anadolu Efes Azerbaijan Factory that we are planning to commission in the near future by using EnRoute. Based on this, we stipulate that we will start to manage more processes with Panorama. Our target is to manage all our sales operations by EnRoute.

You manage your sales and distribution processes by EnRoute in the digital platform. You have digitalized this process thanks to EnRoute. How this helped your company and employees?

Digitalization is the subject of recent years, as you know. Especially the corporate digitalization is a conversion that provides efficiency for corporations in what they are doing and thus provides yield in terms of cost and profitability.  We provided this in our Anadolu Efes Project with EnRoute. Digitalization of our sales operation provided a decrease in error rates and ensured performance of procedures faster. Such yields have been transformed into benefits in terms of efficiency and saving.

I can summarize the benefits we gained specific to EnRoute like this; it is a solution that is deeply developed and that can digitalize the transactions performed in processes thanks to its knowledge and experience in sales and distribution subjects in particular. Therefore, we are able to work with data in the field and headquarter in any type we need. EnRoute provides us the ability to take correct decisions by making the data of remote sales activities in the field significant through reports.  Features such as shipment, sales representative visits, KPI reports, route optimizations, etc. contribute our company generally by facilitating the duties of our teams both in the headquarter and the field.

You are using EnRoute as the main product. Do you use any sub-modules of EnRoute?

Although EnRoute is a mobile sales distribution solution in principle, it really facilitates our works in a wide range with its sub-modules and functions. Within the project, we are using invoice delay function and Bonus Target Realization (BTR) function that shows the sales representative his/her daily target and remaining target.

Our representatives learn their daily targets by virtue of Bonus Target Realization; and they know how much more sales that they should realize. Moreover, we added the monthly collection plan to the hand-held device with the report that we recently commenced receiving. With BTR  online report, information regarding how much daily target has been completed is sent to central operator. Targets are classified according to each product group. Accordingly, the sales representative may follow-up his/her targets, while performing his/her duties. For instance, a representative can receive information such as 90% of his/her target is completed and there remains 10%. This provides us information and helps us in determining monthly bonuses.  With the Invoice Delay function, we learn the number of the overdue days in our forward invoice transactions daily, and perform purchase order risk management accordingly. So, we can minimize the risk.

Are there any different solutions that you are planning to use in the next stages of the project?

As Carçıoğlu, since our investment and development is constant, our digitalization process is being developed and presenting consistency equally. As I mentioned before; we have new factories that are recently opened and will be opened in the near future. We plan to use products of Panorama other than EnRoute as well. For instance, we want to locate Quest solution for our merchandiser team in the field and StokBar solution for our production and storage processes.  We also plan to use AssetTracker, which is a sub-module of EnRoute, for tracking of our fixtures in the field within the scope of our EnRoute Project.

Lastly; can you please share your general opinion on Univera and EnRoute?

As company, we are highly satisfied with services rendered by Univera and of EnRoute, as the solution that we use. I am pretty sure that we will hear Univera in the Azerbaijan market more often according to reference interviews that I had. In brief; I can tell that EnRoute facilitated our works in sales operation, and therefore our sales have increased and planning regarding the sales team became easier.  I am sure that our business partnership with Univera will be improved and developed in the long-term with different projects. Thanks to all Univera Team.



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