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Transport Shipment Planning Solution: SBShipment

The customer expectation now is smooth delivery at the soonest. This expectation requires companies to excel in logistics management. Offering express delivery options to maintain competitive advantage and create customer satisfaction requires a digital system and cost control. At this point, StokBar; which enables the management of warehouse and production processes in a digital environment; expands your control mechanism with its enriching sub-modules. Transport Shipment Planning module SBShipment provides a system specific to the criteria of your loading processes, enabling your processes to be managed faster and more efficiently in the digital environment.

Seamless Planning Controlled by SBShipmet

SBShipment allows you to plan your vehicle type and route based on volume, weight and quantity criteria in a cost-effective manner. You can easily create complex route planning with map visualisations.

The module, which manages all processes related to shipping plans on a single system, allows you to integrate processes such as stock management, order entry, and shipping price agreements.

A Dynamic Structure

SBShipment delivers shipments in the shortest and fastest way and minimises human errors thanks to its instant information system. The module that provides control of information such as stock data, delivery addresses, order volumes, time intervals, vehicle dimensions and customer delivery times is a comprehensive solution.

You can prevent incorrect product or wrong order loads with loading optimisation. SBShipment allows you to plan your transport in a digital environment without any errors and in an optimum way, preventing extra costs such as waiting costs of vehicles.

What Can You Do With SBShipment?

  • Order Listing
  • Authorisation
  • Vehicle identification
  • Use of Fleet Vehicle
  • Stock Control
  • Map Supported Planning
  • Partial Shipment
  • Calculations
  • Product Reservation
  • Vehicle Matching Plate Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Loading Order
  • Audible, Illuminated Warning System
  • Vehicle Controls
  • Integration
  • Automatic Scheduling

What Benefits Does SBShipment Provide?

  • Time Saving with Central Planning
  • Efficient Resource Utilisation
  • Traceable Transport Operation
  • Optimised Customer Information System
  • Accurate Timing for Time of Arrivals
  • Savings in Progress and Shipping Costs
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual Shipping Cost Reports
  • Instant Reconciliation Control

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