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Integrating new generation technologies into their field teams achieve sales targets

Technology is changing the business world in every way. According to a study conducted in the first year of the pandemic, 78% of company executives expect technology to change the way we work in the next two years. This situation is also reflected in the field operations of companies. Studies show that the average field sales representative spends only 22% of his time actively engaging in sales. In contrast, field representatives use 23% of their time for administrative tasks. On the other hand, 42% of the managers who participated in the research say that the sales performance of the field teams will increase when they are supported with the right tools and technologies. Our EnRoute Product Manager, Ömür Yesügay, said, “Technology solutions that bridge between the field teams and the headquarters, and show the sales opportunities with historical data and instant information from the field enable companies to meet their sales targets.”

Supports sales with smart directions and valuable insights

Saying that field workers should devote most of their time to sales, Yesügay made the following assessment: “The recent 8.th version of our Panorama (P8) platform, which we have prepared for use and to run sales, service and logistics business processes, includes 6 different products. One of these products is EnRoute, which enables multi-channel sales management. As part of EnRoute, we have specially developed SalesCoach to make it easier to reach sales targets. Making it possible for field teams to manage their time efficiently, SalesCoach identifies sales opportunities by tracking commercial performance on a point-of-sale basis with the support of process optimization and artificial intelligence. It also brings speed and convenience to field operations by establishing communication between the headquarters and the field. With its user-friendly reporting mechanism, it supports sales teams to focus on sales by providing only the information they need throughout the day.”

It guides the teams by keeping the pulse of the field.

Stating that P8 offers solutions for the areas that companies deem lacking or want to specialize in, Yesügay said, “With SalesCoach being one of them, we keep the pulse of the field. While creating a high customer interaction for companies, we guide the field teams by showing the deficiencies and improvement areas at the point of sale. We minimize the time field teams spend reviewing reports and obtaining accurate information. By assuming the role of a consultant in target setting, we prevent possible decreases in performance.”

We boost field sales

Reminding that with P8, which they have developed as a company that has been producing corporate technology solutions since 1992, they have been included for the fifth time in the 2021 Retail Sales Execution report prepared by the independent research and consultancy POI (Promotion Optimization Institute). Yesügay said, “With SalesCoach, we have specialized the prominent features of certain processes of P8 such as its telemarketing functions and field monitoring of the processes by the head office, with a point of sale focus. Thus, we form solution partnerships with companies that need support in the sales phase and in this way empower their field sales”, he added.

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